Solar PV is low-maintenance, but it's not 'zero-maintenance' !!

Regular checks will ensure that your system is running properly, and generating the benefits that you expect from your investment.

We have the skills, knowledge and experience to inspect your PV system in depth and report on any issues which may be present. Based on a comprehensive set of inspection points, we provide feedback regarding the condition of the PV system, as well as any recommendations for improvement.

How's my PV system performing?

We believe that having purchased a system, you also know whether it is performing properly. That's why as part of our standard checks, we determined the yield of the system (kWh/kWp/year) over the operational life and compare it with the predicted output based on the original estimates from the MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) and other sources. If there is underperformance, we will identify the cause, and suggest how it could be addressed where possible, along with any associated costs to do so.