Solar feasibility studies

Is it worth taking the plunge?

In this time of burgeoning energy bills, rapidly increasing concerns around the security of energy supply and continued environmental concerns many people are looking to fit solar PV and energy storage (batteries) to their homes and commercial buildings. Although the payments for exporting excess electricity to the grid (e.g. the Smart Export Guarantee) are low, at Sunsible we believe that a well-designed solar PV system which matches your specific requirements is a valuable asset for the future.

Why have a feasibility study - why not just get a quote from an installer?

There are many excellent installers, but also many who are somewhat less professional. In our experience, installers usually specify a system which works for them, and not necessarily for the ultimate owner.

By carrying out a feasibility study we look at all aspects of your roof space, energy consumption and patterns, electric vehicle charging etc. to come up with design options and identify what the optimum will be for you. We are independent and can therefore consider all designs, components and systems which are available, and then recommend the most appropriate option(s) for you. This means you avoid having the 'hard sell' at the early stage, and you are then armed with a detailed idea of the system you are looking for when you come to get quotes from installers. We are happy to accompany you on your 'solar journey', providing practical advice and answering your questions.

What's the process for having a feasibility study done?

  • Initial contact (, 07872 567850)

  • We will arrange a suitable date and time to visit your house/building

  • We carry out a drone survey to create an accurate 3D model of the available roof areas, angles, shading objects etc.

  • We will talk through your energy bills, consumption patterns, as well as any special requirements and ideas you may have

  • We look at appropriate design options and provide you with a report (by e-mail) detailing the energy production, cost and payback period for each

  • You are free to contact installers for quotations, or we have some good local ones we can recommend too